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Gamekeeper Turned Poacher – crime thriller – Available now!GTP Cover final 3 SHADOW

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher is a crime thriller with a twist. DCI Stella Johnson is tasked with capturing the man preying on young women in Nottingham. A skilled but hot-headed detective, she is frustrated by the lack of evidence and the apparent randomness of his victims. What she doesn’t know is that her adversary is even more knowledgeable as to the methods used by the police, having recently retired from a long and distinguished career in the force.

Former Detective Superintendent Brandt, disillusioned by
seeing society become so desensitised to violence that it seems it has become complicit in its own fracturing, and damaged by the failure of his childless marriage, is seeking to wake Britain from its slumber of indifference. He believes he is acting for the greater good, trying reassure himself that the pleasure he derives from his actions are merely a happy coincidence. But what he doesn’t know is that DCI Johnson, with her ability to place herself in the mind of her quarry, in a way Brandt would have been proud in his previous incarnation, is willing to do whatever it takes to catch him. Aided by her young protégé PC McNeil, and with their personal chemistry growing as fast as their working relationship, she brings this novel to its explosive conclusion.

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher – Retribution – May 2018

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Spoiler alert – the following is for those who have already read Gamekeeper Turned Poacher. If not seek out the first book in the series!

Following on immediately from the explosive events in Nottingham that ended the first book, we re-join DCI Stella Johnson, trying in vain to save the man she loves; her desperation allowing the person responsible to escape.

With the serial killer now on the run and our female protagonist desperate to get out of hospital to join the hunt,we live through her agony as she tries to come to terms with what has happened, along with her own sense of guilt.

Despite now knowing the identity of the man they are chasing, the police investigation is unable to unearth his whereabouts. With DSI Potter determined to keep Johnson away from the case, she finds herself faced with a simple choice: allow her nemesis to slip through their fingers or go it alone and put herself in harm’s way once more.

Follow Johnson and Brandt in this gripping crime thriller of cat and mouse, where they both find themselves unable to move on from the past. With their fates seemingly inexorably intertwined, how will they react when they realise they must come face-to-face again?

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher – Redemption – June 2018

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Spoiler alert – the following is for those who have already read the two previous books in the series: Gamekeeper Turned Poacher and Gamekeeper Turned Poacher: Retribution

Brandt and Johnson are both trying to rebuild their lives following the events of Retribution. What neither of them realise is that the actions of another will bring them together one final time.

Jack, to all intents and purposes a normal and promising young man, has always had an unhealthy pre-occupation with death. Brandt’s actions in his hometown of Canterbury not only inspires him to finally kill, but to recreate his idol’s attacks. When Jack’s actions force Johnson out of her self-imposed exile, a lack of evidence and pressure from a disgruntled DI Fisher causes her to consider assistance from the most unlikely of sources.

Will Brandt’s search for redemption succeed or can Johnson somehow kill two birds with one stone and not only find the cause of the new threat in Nottingham but also finally ensnare her nemesis?

Fans of the original two books will not want to miss out on this epic conclusion.

Never mind, just rewind. July 2018


Final cover screen res WITH BORDER AND SHADOWEver said the wrong thing and wished you could take it back? Ever find yourself unable to say the right thing, only to find you think of the ideal comment long after the moment has passed

Alex was exactly this sort of person.

He thought he was happy enough, married to an attractive but conservative woman, going each day to safe but unrewarding job, and occasionally going to the pub with his much more successful mate from school.

That was until he found the unwanted Christmas present
from his wife possessed a unique and phenomenal feature. The watch, which he had resented for looking nothing like the one he’d requested, allowed him to turn back time by a minute. One minute. No more, no less.

Alex sets about utilising it to his advantage by manipulating circumstances at both work and home. But he soon finds his ambitions are not just limited by the very specific and short amount of time the power affords him. Without being able to see the longer term consequences of his actions, he increasingly finds himself in situations where he is out of his depth.

Join Alex in his race against time to prevent him ruining his life.