Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned…

Inexperienced detective Ruby Knight is thrown a curve ball when a spate of burglaries results in a homicide.

Commuters to the sleepy suburban town of St. Albans become alarmed when a series of aggravated burglaries begins.

DC Knight and her new partner, experienced but cynical DI Cooper, are in charge of tracking the gang responsible. But the pressure mounts as the attacks become increasingly violent.

They pull out all the stops to catch them, but in the meantime another type of criminal sees an opportunity.

Will DC Knight be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and see the facts for what they are, or will pressure from on high to solve the case let a dangerous individual off the hook?

SCORNED is the second book in the DC Ruby Knight investigations series. It is written by Denver Murphy, author of the best-selling DCI Brandt serial killer trilogy.

These books are all FREE with Kindle Unlimited and, as SCORNED will soon be, available in paperback.

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