Never Mind, Just Rewind

Ever said the wrong thing and wished you could take it back? Ever find yourself unable to say the right thing, only to find you think of the ideal comment long after the moment has passed?

Alex was exactly this sort of person.
He thought he was happy enough, married to an attractive but conservative woman, going each day to a safe but unrewarding job, and occasionally going to the pub with his much more successful mate from school.

That was until he found the unwanted Christmas present from his wife possessed a unique and phenomenal feature. The watch, which he had resented for looking nothing like the one he’d requested, allowed him to turn back time by a minute. One minute. No more, no less.

Alex sets about utilising it to his advantage by manipulating circumstances at both work and home. But he soon finds his ambitions are not just limited by the very specific and short amount of time the power affords him. Without being able to see the longer term consequences of his actions, he increasingly finds himself in situations where he is out of his depth.

Join Alex in his race against time to prevent him ruining his life.

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