Being Your Own Boss

I’ve been writing this weekly blog since I published my first novel, One Step Ahead, in April. I discuss the challenges of being an indie author from marketing to reviews and I’m conscious that I give the impression it’s far from easy.

Well that may be true but the absolute single best thing about being your own boss is the ability to fit things around your family more. Last week was a busy one for me as I sought to finish the follow up to The Supremacy Games. I wrote over 30k words, as well as completing the initial edit of it. However, whilst that meant a number of late nights I still got to have breakfast with my son every morning, got to pick him up from school and was able to go to his assembly where he picked up an award on Friday. And, although I had to work most of Saturday, I was able to take him to play his first rugby match where he took part in a tournament against 5 other local clubs.

Life is all about balance and being your own boss can be hard at times, but it’s 100% worth it.

So that’s it for this week. I’d always encourage people to follow their dreams but, if by doing so you can also find more time for your family, then what’s stopping you?!

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