In The Wrong Game

This week’s blog is about the huge catch-22 indie authors find themselves in. Unless you are happy to plod along with a couple of sales here and there you have to think about some proper advertising. Best place to start sifting through the myriad of options? Well, you could look at all the various blogs and chat rooms out there where people like me discuss their experiences.

But the more you read, the more you realise there is no magic answer. For every person who says to concentrate on Facebook and ignore Amazon’s own advertising, there is another claiming the complete opposite. And then there are the hundreds, if not thousands, of independent marketing companies promising (but with the legally worded caveat that this does not constitute a guarantee) that their multitude of subscribers would be only too keen to hear about your book, for a fee of course.

So if, like me, you’re trying to eek out as much time as you can before having to concede defeat and go back to a ‘proper’ job, you have the conundrum of whether to throw money at advertising in the hope of any resultant sales bumping you up the rankings and so you might finally become visible to ordinary punters, and start generating organic sales of your own. But without being extremely careful, you are not just throwing your money at the problem but, in effect, throwing it away.

You see (and now it’s time for my legal caveat), from my experience, many of these people that pimp their wares to you on Instagram, Twitter and the like might have 20k subscribers or whatever, but the majority of those are indie authors who have signed up for similar reasons. It’s a bit like trying to sell sand to a Saudi Arabian.

But then if you don’t do anything, your completed manuscripts pile up quicker than your actual sales.

Apologies if you’re reading this looking for the answer, because there isn’t one. Except to say that you should be cautious about anyone saying that they do have the magic bullet, especially if they are seeking payment for sharing their wisdom!

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