Just a quick one from me this week, and it’s on the subject of holidays. If you haven’t already had your summer one yet then you’re bound to be looking forward to yours. For many people, it’s one of the few things that keeps them going through the, seemingly endless, weeks of work.

I was the same, and was always on the countdown to my next period of time off work and yet, ironically, it was the holidays that made me finally realise I was in the wrong job. You see, it got to the point that, even though my salary meant my family and I could go to nice exotic places, I increasingly found myself unable to relax because of thoughts of what I would find when I returned to work.

However, it is now my failure to appreciate the thing that used to keep me going that has made me realise that writing is for me. Whilst a part of me still looks forward to spending time with my family, I keep looking at the schedule I created for myself and keep wishing that I had just one more week until the school term finishes. Sometimes it would allow me to get further into writing my current books, and others it would enable me to start the editing process a little sooner.

When I first showed my wife my plan for the year she wondered, as I am sure many would, why I was looking to build in time to work during the holidays, even on those occasions when we are away from home. Initially I justified it as part of my effort to leave no stone unturned in my ambition to continue this journey as my job, but I have come to realise that I simply don’t like the idea of not doing at least something involved with writing each day.

And it is for that reason why I know this is something I would like to do long term. To no longer view the holidays as the saving grace in a year or drudgery, I now find it an inconvenience. Sometimes it makes me feel like a bad parent but then I remind myself that, since giving up my old job, I spend so many more hours with him during a normal week than I used to. He no longer has to wait until the holidays to spend quality time with his father, and that will be another huge regret if I find I have to seek alternative employment.

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