Would I do it again?

I guess this is the question everyone who gives up a career to pursue a dream they have asks themselves at least 3 times each day. I imagine the first sign that you have made the dream a reality is when that question stops recurring.

This blog is more for those people who are considering becoming an indie author because it’s my reflections on my experience so far. To quantify it I would put it as 60% wonderful, 20% terrifying and 20% depressing.

Let’s deal with the best bit first shall we? Of course following any dream is liberating. I get to spend each day doing the thing I love. And that enjoyment has only been enhanced by hearing how much people have liked my work. So why only 60%? Well until I get to the stage where I sell anything like the numbers that means I can continue to do this full time I am not just terrified about having to find a job I like nowhere near as much as this but also the sacrifices my family and I have made to give myself a shot at this.

And that’s where the 20% depressing comes in. My biggest fear was that people wouldn’t like my work and it would show this pursuit of mine to be a folly. Yet the irony is that the thing I find most depressing is how positive the feedback has been. Whilst I am very grateful for all the messages of kindness and fabulous reviews, in a way it has made it even harder to accept that I may not be able to continue to write each day. I knew that starting out as an indie author would be tough but I never expected it to be so hard to get your book out there. Marketing the work could be a full time job in itself and, not only is it exhausting, but it’s also expensive to advertise.

So would I do it again? The truth is, at the moment I can’t really say for sure. I think it will come back to my original point whereby I will only know the answer when I stop asking myself the question.

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