Here we go again!

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher: Retribution has now been released – yippee!

It would be wrong of me to start talking about that tricky second TV series or trying to follow up a hit music album whilst we’re still trying to take the original to a wider audience. However, the feedback has been excellent which does place a certain pressure on the sequel to deliver.

I talk about it a little in the afterword at the end of the first book but I never set out to write a series. Perhaps like me you are sometimes frustrated by authors (or indeed movie makers) who begin with that intention, when it only feels like they are stringing something out for the sake of it.

So why is there a second? Well, it would seem that many of you agree with me that there is more to come from these characters. I speak in an earlier blog about the people I create in my stories taking on a life of their own. In essence, although I plan out my book chapter by chapter, I often find when I come to write the book they take me in a direction I hadn’t anticipated. Sometimes it can be alarming, other times welcomed, but it is always interesting.

Retribution is not, like so many Hollywood sequels, a rehash of the original. It grows out of the events of the first book, answering some of the questions you may have been left with, whilst posing new ones. It’s a deeper, more considered piece and one that you deserve, having invested time into getting to know my characters.

As you may have gathered, I am somewhat proud of it. I think it demonstrates the evolution of my writing as well as the story and I am confident that if you enjoyed the original you won’t be disappointed taking the plunge once more.

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