Early adopters

Those of you who have read my book will know I get a bit gushy in my afterword about how grateful I am that someone has chosen to read my book. However, I wanted to provide you with a more public thank you. If I do manage to make this work as a new career, much of it is down to the faith you have shown in me.

Many of you will be friends (or more likely friends of my wife because she is much more popular than I am) or family-in-law (you’ll understand this reference if you have read my blog on Coming Out). Please don’t underestimate how supportive you have been in doing this. I guess a fair few of you have done it out of a sense of duty but I sincerely hope your generosity has been rewarded with a good story. Championing my book before you had even read a word of it means the world to me.

But you might be someone who doesn’t know me or my wife. As far as you are concerned I am Denver Murphy. It may be you stumbled upon it on Amazon or you became aware of it in one of the various ways we have tried to market it with our very limited funds. If that’s you, then you are amazing.

I mean, truly amazing.

Typing ‘thank you’ doesn’t really cut it. I genuinely would love to hear from you so I can thank you personally. Naturally I would be interested to know how you came to hear of Gamekeeper Turned Poacher but, more importantly, I am keen to find out whether you enjoyed it. Much as I have to immerse myself in the commercial side of being an author, the sole reason I write it because I have stories to tell that I hope people will enjoy.

If you haven’t bought my book then I would like to thank you for reading this blog. You clearly have some interest in what I do, so why not take the plunge and treat yourself to a copy?


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