Time to go digital!

I wrote in a previous blog about the issues when deciding on the pricing of one’s new book. Well it’s somewhat easier when considering the print version. But not in a good way!

I knew that the royalty from Amazon was going to be 60% rather than the 70% I’ll get from the digital version. Fair enough. I also knew there would be a printing charge which also seems understandable and would inevitably lead to a higher sale price than Kindle.

What came as a shock was how it was calculated. Printing is 70p plus 1p per page. To keep costs down we went for a font and margin size that meant the book runs to just 242 pages than its 291 original size.

Total for printing is £3.12.

So what I expected was to set a price of £6.49 which would see the remaining £3.37 split 60/40 meaning I would receive the same £2.02 as I would for the print version.


Amazon take their 40% BEFORE the print cost. Which means I have to stump up the £3.12 from my portion. So at £6.49 I end up getting just 77p per copy sold which works out as less than 12% of the cover price.

Therefore, and against what I said in the other blog about not wanting to price myself against established authors I have little choice but to stick to the typical £7.99 RRP. That gets me £1.67 or 20%.

So what have we learned?

Well it’s better for both of us if you go digital!

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