The baddie

For those of you who have yet to read Gamekeeper Turned Poacher I would like to introduce you to the person responsible for the crime in this crime thriller: Franklin Brandt.

What separates Brandt from your common or garden serial killer is he has a unique way of ensuring he stays one step ahead of the police. He is the police, or at least he used to be, having recently retired. After a distinguished career in CID there is nothing he doesn’t know about the investigative methods available to his pursuers and, believing his motives to be pure, he feels confident he can give them the run around permanently.

Those of you who have read one of my earliest blogs will know I didn’t set out with the intention of being a crime writer. Something just clicked when I came up with Brandt’s character. Not that I want to give the impression we have any fundamental similarities but I do understand where he stemmed from. I too had become disillusioned with a career I had once found rewarding but, fortunately used that as the impetus to follow a different ambition of mine, rather than turning towards murder.

One of the things I am most looking forward to people reading my book is getting feedback on how they feel about Brandt. The things he does are truly abominable and I don’t expect anyone to start rooting for him like some of the anti-heroes that are out there, but I wonder whether anyone views him more with pity than contempt.

I guess the truth is I grew quite fond of him. Much like many movie stars say it’s fun to play the baddie, it was enjoyable writing from his perspective. Although I trust you will be on the side of our female protagonist DCI Johnson, and more about her in my next blog, I would be interested to know whether you share any of the cynicism Brandt holds towards modern society.

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