How did it come to this?!

My perception had always been that those people who write novels just woke up one morning with the idea for a book, which they then wrote, had published and, voila, they are now officially an author.

Perhaps that has been the case for many but my experience had been quite different.

I never knew that I wanted to become a writer. I didn’t study English Literature at A Level because the set texts had looked a little boring and, although I read and wrote a lot for my degree in History, none of it was fictional (apart from some Historians I invented in one of my Finals because an essay was becoming hopelessly unbalanced). 15 years later I had a career that was far more about the spoken word but that didn’t seem strange to me either.

I guess I had always appreciated the power of writing and how, in the absence of vocal tone or facial expression to provide context for what is being said, words can be interpreted in different ways by different people. It got to the stage where colleagues would ask me to help craft an email so it would have the desired effect. Yet whilst I enjoyed doing so, I never started to think a potential career change was on the cards…

…until one day I decided to write a book. The reasons for that are quite long and not worth your time reading them but let’s just say I thought I could do better than some of the tosh I was reading to my young son. I feel uncomfortable stating that because of its apparent arrogance but I suppose any potential author has to have a certain level of confidence in their ability. And write I did. First a children’s picture book series, then a teen fiction, then a children’s story. All the while I was coming up with ideas quicker than I could write them. I never really expected them to lead anywhere, not least because I couldn’t seem to settle down on a genre or even an age category.

Then something changed. I went through a bit of a difficult time (honestly not quite as dramatic as it sounds) and my ideas for stories became darker. The novel I started working on was different to the others; whereas I had simply enjoyed the process of writing before, this I had a need to finish. As the story grew, both in my mind and on the page, I felt that I couldn’t relax until I had purged myself of it. What I ended up with is something I am immensely proud of, but the dark itch was barely scratched. I come from a conservative Catholic back ground and it has taken a while to accept that my writing is best suited to mature themes, ones which I would feel deeply uncomfortable with my wider family reading. But I cannot contain it any longer and, armed with my pen name which I shall never reveal to them, I hope to share with you the darkness within me…

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