Finding an agent

When I first embarked on this new project, I did lots of research, bought the Writers & Artists yearbook, spent hours writing synopses and working out who to send it to. All to no avail. Most of the time, receiving a generic response back which made me wonder whether they were even being read. The digital revolution has changed the way that we do things and it seems that there are now so many more people attempting to live their dreams and write the next best selling novel. Has the time of the agent passed? Does self publishing and tools that are readily available to help you market yourself make them null and void?

Well, I am about to go it alone and self publish. Being in the small minority who, at nearly 40, have never had a social media account due to my previous career, it is a steep learning curve, but I think if you have the right level of passion, resilience and insomnia, then you can make it work. Wish me luck!

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